Saturday, 6 March 2010

Final and Evaluation

The final composite when i'd rendered out my sequences from maya into after effects, the sequences didn't match up so as i did this on the day of hand in i had to just key frame the bumps in AE which is why it's not as good as it was when in Maya.

I feel that i certainly didn't give my all to this project, which is a shame because towards the end where i was concentrating on the work i found that i was getting into it much more.
Maybe i found it difficult to get my head down because i wasn't sure of the process of what was involved, and procrastination was a winner for the most part.

This isn't like me to neglect a project as i thought it was close to last terms unit. I feel that it is certainly a good thing to learn about maya live as last term i thought i wasn't really into compositing, this was because again, there was no goal for me, i didn't try and understand the production process and the industry workflow standards.

If i were to do this again i believe that it would be much much better, and i plan to try it again because i want to prove to myself that i am capable of getting this right. I am happy that i can use this terms knowledge and go forth myself. I didn't even know what Maya Live was!!

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