Monday, 8 February 2010


So after much thinking i've been trying to get motivated for this unit, the idea that stuck was the thought of a Jigglypuff in Twilight. So i thought about where this little pokemon could be, i need to draw up my storyboards but i have it clear in my head so no worries.

Firstly i need a Jigglypuff which i can animate.
I had a hunt online for a rig but sadly that wasn't a success, so i have decided to go on and make my own Jigglypuff. Today i have modelled a Jigglypuff in Maya and i plan to move onto rigging tomorrow, this character shouldn't be too difficult to rig as it's pretty much just a ball with legs, little flappy arms and sometimes a mouth which im thinking to do some quick simple blend shapes with as im not after any thing complex like last term felt like.

Jigglypuff -

Using maya i just created a sphere and working with extruding faces where needed.

I had imported a set of eye's i had made and used for my gorilla last term.

Working to reference images i had to draw my top and side profile shots.

It's difficult to see if the feet were just attached to the sphere so i decided to do little legs and feet so this would be easier to rig and for the movement. I had looked on youtube to see how this character moves, mostly just rolling its weight from side to side if not power jumping in the air.

The quiff was difficult to see how it worked, but in the end i got the hang of it, i'd juse needed to extrude another face for the curl. I was feeling pretty happy here about my modelling as it actually looks like the Jigglypuff, however i noticed something went wrong with the left ear with more faces than i wanted inside the ear. So i had to re model the ear.

I'm wondering whether the feet need to be longer or further round the back of the body for equal balance. Also i need to add in the mouth so i can put in my blend shapes.

Cool. Storyboards to come.

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