Wednesday, 24 February 2010

problems and solutions

Just to note some difficulties when tracking are that i have had my sphere bobbing on the scene i figured that if i wanted to keep the Jigglypuff still on the scene i can simply key frame frame 1 and key frame the last frame the position i wish for JP to stay. This worked really well.

Also on one of the shots where Bella is walking up to the desk from the door, the camera spins around and i wanted to have JP already sat on the table as the camera swings round. Though when i tried this the table where JP was sat, the table and microscope are coming into focus and you don't get a good track on out of focus shots as the track point bounces about.

Also for the shot where the teacher puts his hand on the desk, because the teacher walks back and forth on the scene i had to cut the clip into two so that i could set clean track points which don't get cut off by the body or hand of the teacher.

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