Saturday, 27 February 2010

Rigged animation test

Ok so i have now rigged my Jigglypuff and here are the test animations, the rig is rather basic as my character doesn't seem to do too much on screen, also i have included a video of how the jigglypuff moves in the cartoon..

The position of the feet vary as when jp is standing still the feet point out, when modeling i decided to model the feet separate.

Ear Wiggle Test

Feet and hands Test

Being rusty on my rigging and short on time, i realized i haven't added a maing body controller so i can't stand and tilt JP on one leg. Also i would like to add attributes to the toes so that i can have him tippy toeing up. The feet are not easily controlled in that i can't swizzle them from side to side, so i will have these checked over before i animate in the scene.

Also when i import my JP in a maya live scene, my JP is huge and i'm not sure how to resize him so that may be to do with how i have rigged it.

I'm annoyed i cannot find my book which helped me rig last term, and this is meant to be such a simple rig!

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