Tuesday, 23 February 2010



First sign we have JP in the scene it is sat on the table and we have 3 seconds on screen, just looking around and towards Bella.


The camera goes back to a close up of Bella and on the swing round as she walks to the desk, JP is again watching Bella.


JP follows Bella with eyes.


Camera cuts to a behind the table shot and JP is turning around.


JP Turned around curious.


Between Edward and Bella talking JP jumps up in the shot with Bella trying to get Edwards attention.


JP jumping higher


We do have some table shot time where JP will be looking at Bella walking backwards until JP becomes aware of the teachers hand about to squish JP on the desk.


So JP see's this and has jumped to the side out of the way.


We next have the clip about winning the golden onion for the class, JP is then really excited and jiggling side to side.

i have worked out that there's roughly 27-30 seconds of on screen animation for JP.

What i have left to do now is;
- to complete the JP rig/blendshapes
- to sort tracking and get help for wobble shot
- lighting in the scene.

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