Sunday, 21 February 2010

The New Clip

I feel i have neglected to keep the blog up to date with what i am doing by not clearly stating my intentions.

I am working from the scene in Twilight where we are in the biology lesson with Edward and Bella, and i intend to animate a Jigglypuff into the scene where it will be animated on the desk surface. Here is the clip i am using below ;

I have worked out the amount of camera time where the table is in shot is roughly 27 - 30 seconds, with 11 cuts for the different camera angles and a quick look of the lighting is quite subtle on some shots with Bellas face however with Edwards close ups the lighting is harsh so i need to bear the difference in mind when lighting my scene.


I am modeling, rigging and animating my own Jigglypuff onto the scene, i will be wanting this character to jump, walk, roll, wiggly ears and hands and have clean facial expressions. I am going to be looking at using blendshapes or if that's not plausible i will just work some ik handles for expression like i did for my gorilla last term.

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