Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rough Storyboards

Ok so i checked the timing of the scene and the first clip i am working from will be when we first see Edward and his Jigglypuff. No on else can see his jigglypuff apart from Edward.
The clip runs for 30 seconds and there will be 20 seconds of animation in the shot, 30 seconds of animation are needed as a minimum requirement so i will be choosing between two other clips. These being when Bella and Edward are in the canteen or the piano scene, which will help to increase the amount of animation i will present for hand in. This scene i have chosen has great minimal camera movement and the lighting is not irregular but quite clean which is good for working with, i am soon to find out when i take it into maya live.

I will be showing this storyboard with live shots from the film so we can view it more clearly but this is my roughing out.
1. Edward is first seen entering the canteen, jigglypuff is hardly seen as sat on his right shoulder.
2 + 3. Jigglypuff comes into full shot as Edward turns to open the door.
4. As Edward walks through the canteen Jigglypuffs attention is focussed on the girls conversation and is watching them.
5. Jigglypuff shown watching them.
6. Jigglypuff whispers into Edwards ear which makes him smile.
7. When Edward is sat at the table Jigglypuff will hop up onto his other shoulder
8. When we cut back to Edward close up, Jigglypuff is sticking its tongue out at Bella.

When i watched the clip back i think it will make sense to switch 5 and 6 so Jigglypuff is whispering into Edwards ear before then seen looking away as Edward smiles.

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